Christina Funkhouser

Hello. I’m Christina (Tina) Alvarez-Funkhouser and I am the wife of Dr. Todd Funkhouser, MD, PhD, Allergist/Immunologist. We have two teenaged children. I have a food triggered adult onset neuropathy which has led me to fundamentally change the way I eat. My neuropathy is an increasingly recognized form of gluten intolerance that is immunologically-based and affected by food choice. Through my food allergy outreach blog, I share the changes I’ve incorporated in my family’s diet based on health issues that exist within my own family. I will also host cooking demonstrations of food choice and preparation with the public in our teaching kitchen located in our Westside location at 211 Bartlett, El Paso, TX 79912. I am a secondary school teacher by profession and I am thrilled to teach and share my experience with dealing with food allergies and intolerances.

As a former military wife, I know that life can be super busy maintaining the fort, so I will endeavor to keep my recipes as simple as possible. We are all busy these days, so I hope to offer shortcuts in preparing recipes and offer occasional sustainable lifestyle hacks, too!

DISCLAIMER: I am secondary school teacher of foreign languages by profession. I am NOT a healthcare provider nor a nutritionist. Please consult with your primary care provider and specialists on your particular concerns regarding your healthcare. The purpose of my blog is to share my life experience with a food intolerance (wheat) and how adjustments in my diet made all the difference.

Bon courage!