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By Christina Funkhouser
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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BestFoods Mayo Coupon

Organic & Vegan Mayo By BestFoods

BestFoods Organic MayoMy Food Search for New Products & Old Products

I went to the very big Walmart on Mesa near I-10 to make sure I could find a new product by Best Foods along with Pillsbury’s Gluten Free (GF) Funfetti Cake Mix.  Surely my search for these items would be found in the massive grocery section.

Eating GF has meant learning to spot new food products that might make cooking for myself easier.  

Best Foods Organic Mayonnaise and Vegan Mayonnaise

I received a coupon from Best Foods in the mail introducing their new mayonnaise in an Organic version and a Vegan version.  I am delighted to see that major food companies are adapting their products to people’s changing tastes and dietary needs.   

I don’t use mayo very often, but the $1.50 off coupon intrigued me.  I am currently experimenting with a lot of recipes so I am hoping I’ll use it before it’s September 2017 expiration date.  

Ten minutes and an employee later, I eventually found it among the many different brands and varieties of mayo. It’s amazing that the mayo section is starting to look like the cereal aisle.

In the past I would buy the olive oil based mayo because olive oil is supposed to be more healthful than other oils.  I noticed that the Organic Mayo uses an organic soybean as its base. Ugh. Well, at least all the ingredients are organic.  

Sugar content:  Out of the nine ingredients, organic dried cane syrup is the seventh ingredient. 

Color:  The Organic version is light beige in color—not the typical bright white.  I do not mind it.  Just spare me the chemicals and pesticides on the ingredients. Food should be the color it is.

In an ideal world, I would have a taste testing of Best Foods’ Mayo- both their organic and their vegan styles, along with regular.  I would compare them with from scratch recipes from paleo and other cookbooks.  I wonder what taste results would be.  Does it really matter? 

I suppose it depends on the time you have to cook.  If you eat a lot of mayo, maybe you would care.  I tend to see that we all are little experts or connoisseurs of the foods we LOVE. 

Pillsbury Gluten Free Cake Mixes

Funfetti Cake Mix at Walmart

Pillsbury Funfetti Cake & Cupcake Mix

We celebrated my daughter’s 17th birthday recently and she requested a Funfetti cake.  I am one to please, especially for a family member, so okay.  We grabbed the Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix at Target.  I noticed that it wasn’t the green box that the GF version comes in, but I figured I’d just eat the GF brownies I had recently made.  (I’m over getting upset that I can’t eat what others can eat although I’ll sigh as I reminiscence when I could eat everything)  

My daughter was understanding that I couldn’t eat her birthday cake.  I told her I would investigate why the GF version wasn’t at Target.  Was it just out of stock?  We had been buying it for several years now.  Surely it hadn’t been discontinued.

Long story short, I cannot find it anywhere.  There are GF cake mixes for Classic Yellow, Devil’s Foods, and Chocolate Fudge-as well as for Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Sitting side by side, Walmart now has their store name brand, Great Value, Extra Confetti cake mix as a competitor to Pillsbury’s Funfetti cake mix.  No GF Funfetti cake mix to be seen.  I inquired with the Walmart department manager and he said there has been a reset of products.  

I went to and the company still sells the product.  Even their ‘Where To Buy’ locator shows several stores where it is supposed to be.  I will call their customer number to encourage them to investigate the status of this beloved product in El Paso.  I told the Walmart manager to please put this product on his ‘buying radar’ since there are families who buy this product.  I quickly shared with him that two out of the four people in our family eat GF.  

Walmart is doing a good job in their recent expansion of GF products. At first, only the Neighborhood Walmart had GF boxed cake mixes and GF products in general.  Now, GF products are found at the big Walmart.  But..according to Pillsbury’s website the Funfetti line has been around for 25 years.  Grocery stores should maintain this fav. Come on.

As for the healthful-ness of this product…well, that is another story!

Ready Made Pizza at Walmart

Fast Food Walmart Goodness

Last note:

Walmart had a lot of ready-to-eat goodness at the check out lines.  I just shook my head knowing that while I can no longer eat the goodness, I certainly feel better.

And, look better, too.  Remember, I eat for health, not for looks.

Bon courage!

Christina Funkhouser

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