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Organic Mamma Chia Drink

These are really taste delicious and kind of serve as a filling drink, a kind of “tide-me-over to my next meal” snack. The chia seeds are healthy, yummy and filling.  I actually enjoy this drink at almost room temperature because it seems more filling and therefore more satisfying. So I set it on the counter for half an hour before drinking. 

Organic Mamma Chia Drink

One day I realized that it contains 14 grams of agave sugar.  No wonder it tastes to good. I took the remaining half dozen from my home refrigerator and placed them in the refrigerator at the clinic for our staff to enjoy. Now that I have a pre-diabetes diagnosis I get to walk the straight line and work on eliminating as much refined sugar from my diet as possible. Yes, agave has a lower glycemic index, but it's still a form of sugar.

I don’t want the pre-diabetes to develop into full-blown diabetes. No how, no way!  Besides, sugar makes me feel kind of crappy anyway.  Because I don’t eat very much sugar, when I do eat it I notice my hands and feet get kind of numb and tingly, like they’re falling asleep. And sometimes sugar makes them hurt outright. The effects happen as soon as a couple of hours to half a day later.  And the pain lasts for several days.

I feel like I’m on a slippery slope…No gluten in my diet led to minimum sugar in my diet, but then the family genes kicked in and I get to work on really eliminating sugar from the diet!  Aren’t I the lucky one?


Organic Mamma Chia Drink

Here’s another way to say it:  I eat no gluten which happens to be found in most sugary foods like doughnuts, pastries and breads of all sorts, candy bars, etc. Therefore, when I went GF I greatly reduced my sugar intake. Additionally, I have a bit of lactose intolerance, so I don’t indulge very often in sugary dairy like ice cream and yogurts. Then diabetes had to blossom inside me and really forced me to take the sugar avoidance thing to new numbing heights.  Sorry for the pun and sarcasm, but I feel like I am a walking poster child of I don’t know what. 

It’s Not Fair.

You see, I eat GF and sugar-free because I want to avoid pain and enjoy health.  I don’t have the usual reasons for eating healthy like getting my body ready for bikini time on the beaches this summer or training for athletic competition.  Gee, maybe I can eventually get a beach body and run another marathon. Nah.

But why did my body get so sensitive to certain foods?

Christina Funkhouser

I’m Christina (Tina) Alvarez-Funkhouser and I am the wife of Dr. Todd Funkhouser, MD, PhD, Allergist/Immunologist. I have a food triggered adult onset neuropathy which has led me to fundamentally change the way I eat. My neuropathy is an increasingly recognized form of gluten intolerance that is immunologically based, and affected by food choice. Through my food allergy outreach blog I share the changes I’ve incorporated in my family’s diet based on health issues that exist within my own family. I will also host cooking demonstrations of food choice and preparation with the public in our teaching kitchen located in our Westside location at 211 Bartlett, El Paso, TX 79912. I am a secondary school teacher by profession and I am thrilled to teach and share my experience with dealing with food allergies and intolerances. If you have any questions or comments about my blog, please contact me at
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